Croydon Escorts

Croydon is a major player in southern London, it’s a large and prosperous area and a part of 11 metropolitan centres in Greater London with a population of , more or less, sixteen thousand citizens. It lays on a route connecting London with southern coast of England, which is a meaningful tourist destination thanks to beautiful landscapes, beaches and charming resorts. Croydon used to a part of Surrey, until 1965 when London assimilated its neighboring areas, like a mean, fat little kid, nevertheless most of Croydon’s inhabitants don’t feel like Londoners, and try to remain culturally separate from the Capital. Because Croydon was a commuter town for people working in London for so many years, it has an elaborate public transportation services net, numerous bus lines, railway stations and tube. In present times, Croydon is an important industrial centre, known for car manufacture but also for its vibrant nighttime and retail economy, Whitgift centre is one of the largest shopping malls in the country, it is also now for its characteristic tram line, unique in the region.

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